The mango season is upon us again. Children visiting the trees, the colorful fruit decorating the market tables and not forgetting the annoying flies too. LOL.

Mangoes are very sweet and popular fruits. Majority are in love with the fruits mostly for the taste.. Well, the fruit has more magic than the taste, it has numerous health benefits you will be surprised to know: 

1. CANCER: yeah! Thats a dreadful sickness right? "So how does mango goes with cancer?"... A Study found that caroteniod containing fruits and vegetables such as mangoes may reduce the risk of colon cancer. High beta-caroteniod in diet also prevent skin cancer.

2. DIABETES: A 2019 mouse study into mango leaves found that some plant compounds have powerful effect on risk factor to diabetes. These include lower body weight, reduced blood sugar and lower level of fat in the blood.

3. HEART DISEASE:  The potassium, fiber and vitamin content in mango keep the arteries working and reduce the risk of heart disease and also in reducing high blood pressure.

4. SKIN AND HAIR GROWTH: do you know you can achieve that glowing skin and healthy hair using mangoes. Yes! Mango contains rich sources of vitamins A and C which are effective in skin and hair health.

5. It is reviewed that mango contains an antioxidant called zeaxanthin which plays a very important role in eye health.

I termed this mango magic because I didn't imagine this fruit having all these qualities. Thankful we are in the mango season. Now "we gon get em mangoes". LOL.

IT is essential to note when buying or plucking, to choose the firm ones. It is not really idea to judge the ripen ones from the color (emm kinda don't judge book by cover).  Don't go for the overripe ones or the ones with dark patches, your stomach won't be happy with you. And in all, look at your quality and quantity.

Now one may ask, for us to enjoy these benefits, should I store my mango now that its in season?... Well, no - these magic can also be obtained from healthy and good diet, and consumption of other fruits and vegetables, not just Mr. Mango.

And please for the love of humanity, dispose properly after use (I wish mangoes naturally have this on their fruity skin).. To avoid these annoying flies.... This is coming from a concerned citizen!

But in all, enjoy the mango season!! 

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