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Thursday, May 21, 2020


May 21, 2020 0


2019 was a great year in the Nigerian Pageant World and  Pageant World too as Blacks emerged winners in well known international beuaty pageants.


These two amazing ladies made Nigeria and the rest of the world proud through their achievements in the Pageant world. They literally broke the internet.

They were the winners in the MBGN 2019 Finals and represented Nigeria in the global stage.

Prior to MBGN proper, there were criticisms about how it was organized late when other countries have concluded theirs to allow their winners train ahead. But guess, our winners were not just preparing for MBGN, they were preparing ahead too. (thanks to the judges too!).

21 year old Nyekachi Douglas who was the MBGN 2019 showed us the stuff she is made of when she was winning all the competitions in Miss World back to back. The  competitions includes: Top Ten in Head to Head Challenge, Top Ten in Beauty with Purpose, Miss World Sports Competition (second place), Miss World Talent  finalist, Miss World Top Model. She was the Top 5 in Miss World and later emerged Miss World Africa 2019. For the first time in so many years, Nigeria was on track again in the global stage.

She broke the internet with how she screamed and reacted when Miss Jamaica was announced Miss World 2019. She was almost the Agbani Darego of our time, fun fact is that she is from River State just like Agbani.. (We need more of Rivers babes LOL!).

25 year old Olutosin Araromi was the 1st runner up in MBGN 2019. Prior to that, she was a beauty pageant veteran and once Miss Nigeria USA 2015. This lady is a definition of 'strong' as she lost her mum to a car accident whilst gearing for MBGN, Yet, she emerged the 1st runner up in MBGN.
She represented Nigeria at the Miss Universe 2019 held at Tyler Perry's Studio.

Tosin finished in the top 20 of the 68th edition of the international beauty pageant (a big win for Nigeria, after so many years). She broke the internet when she was seen cheering the new Miss Universe who emerged from South Africa.

These ladies made us proud not just with their beauty, but their charisma, intellect and humanitarian services.

If COVID-19 can allow us, we hope to see more of Nyekachis and Tosins in subsequent times.
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Friday, May 15, 2020


May 15, 2020 0

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson becomes 3rd most followed on Instagram 

One may ask, where is the world youngest self made billionaire Kylie Jenner, or even our amazing Selena Gomes or even Queen Bey.

The world is full of surprises you know!

The Rock became the 3rd most followed individual on Instgram with whooping 183 million followers. Ariana is the second with 185M, the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the first with 218M.

Now what's the attraction??? a whole 183M for The Rock?
Lets see....

Dwayne as we all know is an actor. He is also a producer, businessman, professional wrestler and a former professional football player (wow). He is loved by people both in the world of wrestling and in movies (like me).

This big dude conquered the wrestling world when he was there which earned him to call himself 'The Rock', he won over a combined 17 WWF/WWE Titles over his career. He comes from a wrestling family (issa bloodline stuff), born on May 2, 1972. He is the grandson of the professional wrestler Peter 'High Chief' Fanene Maivia and son of wrestler Rocky Johnson.

After conquering the wrestling world, he launched a successful acting career and became a box office star appearing in movies including 'The Scorpion King', 'Hercules', 'The Fast and Furious', Driver, Central Intelligence and even featured in the animated hit 'Moana' where he voiced the demigod Maui. Other movies including Rampage, Jumanji, Skyscraper etc. He has won a lot of awards  too.

Having achieved all these, it is right to say that he has lot of fans both from his wrestling days and his current booming movie days.

He also engages his audience on workout videos, family time, pictures ... He has a lively page..

You can ask, is his page more lively than Kylie and others? Well - I dont know how big dude did his thing, I think we need past questions from him..... But the bottom line is, wherever he is now, he worked hard for it and attracted milions (fans and money) for himself...

Emm, currently we are maybe the 3rd lowest followed people on Instagram LOL.. You can help this ministry just by sharing this post and follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/favytalk/

Closing this with "Oluwa bless our hustle".. And attract millions to us.. Did I hear Amen!!?
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Thursday, May 14, 2020


May 14, 2020 0

The mango season is upon us again. Children visiting the trees, the colorful fruit decorating the market tables and not forgetting the annoying flies too. LOL.

Mangoes are very sweet and popular fruits. Majority are in love with the fruits mostly for the taste.. Well, the fruit has more magic than the taste, it has numerous health benefits you will be surprised to know: 

1. CANCER: yeah! Thats a dreadful sickness right? "So how does mango goes with cancer?"... A Study found that caroteniod containing fruits and vegetables such as mangoes may reduce the risk of colon cancer. High beta-caroteniod in diet also prevent skin cancer.

2. DIABETES: A 2019 mouse study into mango leaves found that some plant compounds have powerful effect on risk factor to diabetes. These include lower body weight, reduced blood sugar and lower level of fat in the blood.

3. HEART DISEASE:  The potassium, fiber and vitamin content in mango keep the arteries working and reduce the risk of heart disease and also in reducing high blood pressure.

4. SKIN AND HAIR GROWTH: do you know you can achieve that glowing skin and healthy hair using mangoes. Yes! Mango contains rich sources of vitamins A and C which are effective in skin and hair health.

5. It is reviewed that mango contains an antioxidant called zeaxanthin which plays a very important role in eye health.

I termed this mango magic because I didn't imagine this fruit having all these qualities. Thankful we are in the mango season. Now "we gon get em mangoes". LOL.

IT is essential to note when buying or plucking, to choose the firm ones. It is not really idea to judge the ripen ones from the color (emm kinda don't judge book by cover).  Don't go for the overripe ones or the ones with dark patches, your stomach won't be happy with you. And in all, look at your quality and quantity.

Now one may ask, for us to enjoy these benefits, should I store my mango now that its in season?... Well, no - these magic can also be obtained from healthy and good diet, and consumption of other fruits and vegetables, not just Mr. Mango.

And please for the love of humanity, dispose properly after use (I wish mangoes naturally have this on their fruity skin).. To avoid these annoying flies.... This is coming from a concerned citizen!

But in all, enjoy the mango season!! 

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Father Christmas spotted on bike

December 15, 2019 0
A funny looking father Christmas was spotted on a bike in Lagos.

He was seen on a bike and was captured by an internet user who in the video was asking him to get something for him and the father Christmas told him 'waka'.

The hustle is real!!

Watch funny video below

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Boy arrested as lady he slept overnight with runs mad

December 11, 2019 0

Just as the Christmas season is approaching, A Boy was arrested as the lady he slept with overnight, runs mad

A boy, simply identified as Solution, has been handed over to the police after a lady he brought home last night, started displaying signs of insanity this morning around Badagry, Lagos.

It was gathered that the lady initially started acting erratically before she started shouting the name of her host. Solution was subsequently apprehended and dragged to the police station.

Watch video

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Protest hits Anambra as hit and run driver kills nursing student

December 06, 2019 0

Protest as hit-and-run driver kills a Nursing student in Anambra .

A 100 level student of the School of Nursing, Iyi Enu mission hospital, Ogidi, Anambra State, was Friday killed by a reckless driver while trying to cross the road in front of the hospital.

The Class Rep, identified as Emmanuel Anakwudo, was on his way to get his dinner, when tragedy struck. The driver, however, escaped.

His colleagues took to the streets, this morning, to mourn his death and demand for the construction of speed breakers on the road.

Watch video

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Tiwa Savage pays visit to Regina Daniel and husband Ned

December 06, 2019 0

Nigerian top female musician Tiwa Savage that's currently in Abuja for a show went to visit Regina and billionaire husband Ned Nwoko in their Abuja home.

In a video, they were seen in good spirits and enjoying the company

Watch video here

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