Khanz Mbau is the only child / daughter of Khanyi Mbau. She currently is a hot sensation now. The article below gives you the information you need to know about her. Let's talk Khanz, Shall we ? 

Who is Khanz Mbau? 

Khanz Mbau as started earlier is the only daughter of South African Celebrity Khanyi Mbau. She was already a hot sensation due to her mum's reality TV series 'Mbau Reloaded, Always Rise on BET Africa'. However, her popularity grew more when she starred in Netflix reality TV series 'Young, Famous & African'.

Who is Khanz Mbau Father? 

Khanz Mbau father is Mandla Mthembu who is a former millionaire and dated some classy women in South Africa's Entertainment Industry. He was also married to a dancer by name Zodwa Wabantu, a controversial dancer when he was already married to. Khanz Mbau's mother Khanyi Mbau. 

How Old is Khanz Mbau? 

Khanz was born in 2007. She is currently 15 years old. 

Where was Khanz Mbau born

As of this moment, the actual birthplace of Khanz Mbau is unknown. She has also not disclosed details about her early life and years yet. 

Is Khanz Mbau Living Alone? 

Yes, her mum mentioned in Netflix reality TV series, Young, Famous & African, that her daughter Khanz Mbau lives alone in her separate apartment and she has no problem with it, considering her age. However in her own words, Khanz Mbau is her next door neighbor. 

Does Khanz Mbau and her mum have a good relationship? 

Yes, they have a good mother-daughter relationship. 

Khanz Mbau Pregnant? 

No, she was rumoured to be pregnant due to her weight gain and the rumor was sparked by Khanyi's half brother, Lasizwe Dambuza but her mum cleared the rumors and dismissed them as fake. 

Is Khanz Mbau on Instagram? 

Yes, you can see her on Instagram @mbau22

Who is Khanz Mbau's boyfriend? 

For now, we know nothing about her relationship status so it is safe to say she is single. 

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