Who is Opeyemi Falegan: Opeyemi Falegan is the CEO OF ODI Foundation, a non-profit Organization committed to empowering widows and uplifting the lives of less privileged situated in Ado Ekiti State in Nigeria. He is recently in news now about his failed marriage with A-list actress Nkechi Blessing.

Other details about him below:   


Opeyemi Falegan's Early Life: At the moment, there is no information from reliable sources about his early life

Opeyemi Falegan's Real Age: His birthday falls on 10th June 


Education: Currently he is a doctorate student

Opeyemi Falegan's Career: As earlier stated, he is the CEO of ODI Foundation, a Non-profit organization that empowers widows and less privileges. He also served as Director and Chief Executive Officer of Nkechi Films Production and NBS Foundation. He is a politician, philanthropist, and reservist. 

Marriage Saga: He was married to Actress Nkechi Blessing but have recently parted ways. The former couple have been fighting dirty on Social media.  The actress announced their married ended on account of adultery and a phony existence via Instagram live. On Opeyemi Falegran's part, he went on live broadcast and stated he has a reputation to uphold and will never identify himself with somebody who would harm his image. 

Nkechi went further to say she was the one who left the marriage stating 

'The one I don't like is you lie and say you'll leave me, no one ever does.... i just go for a stroll and don't say anything, because it's not worth it, we wear the same trousers, and there you go vexing me'. 

Nkechi blessing further dismissed rumours that her ex-husband Opeyemi Falegan built her a bungalow. She revealed that it was the money she got from infleuncing brands on social media fetched her the money to build it.

Opeyemi Falegan's Net worth: Unknown at the moment 


Social Media: He is found on Instagram @Hon_Falegan_Opeyemi, Facebook @ Hon. Falegan Opeyemi

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