Chichi Ezee - a talented promising Nollywood actress with lots of potential, making waves in the Nollywood industry. All you need to know about her below: 


Who is Chichi Ezee: Chichi Ezee is a Nollywood actress, model, brand influencer, business woman. she has featured in many Nollywood movies. 

Chichi Ezee's Date of Birth, When is Chichi Ezee's Birthday: Chichi Ezee's birthday falls on December 22 


Chichi Ezee's Place of Birth: She is an Enugu State born actress 


Tribe, Which Tribe is Chichi Ezee from?: She is Igbo by tribe 


School: She went to a Film School, Royal Art Academy and graduated in the year 2019 


Early Life: She once stated that her growing up was not an easy one. There were a lot of struggles which makes her want to shed a tear each time she remembers it. 


Acting Career: Chichi Eze after graduating from Film School in 2019 made her acting debut in a short movie 'The Virgin'. She has featured in numerous movies which includes: Eewa, Eccentric, Emem, That Other Good Turn, Suga Suga, About What's In For Me and so many more. 


Chichi Ezee's Relationship Status, Husband, Boyfriend, Marriage, Family: Chichi is happily married to a handsome man. After marriage, she now answers Mrs. Chichi Ezeokoye. 


Chichi Ezee's Child, Daughter: Chichi Ezee gave birth to a beautiful daughter after nine months of pregnancy on 30th November 2021. 


Chichi Ezee's Lifestyle: According to Chichi Ezee, she is a loving person and hates problem, an introvert but loves to have friends around. She drinks but not too much, she loves doing things that makes her happy and she doesn't joke with her family. 


Social Media: Chichi Ezee has a big following on Instagram @chichi_ezee 





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