2019 was a great year in the Nigerian Pageant World and  Pageant World too as Blacks emerged winners in well known international beuaty pageants.


These two amazing ladies made Nigeria and the rest of the world proud through their achievements in the Pageant world. They literally broke the internet.

They were the winners in the MBGN 2019 Finals and represented Nigeria in the global stage.

Prior to MBGN proper, there were criticisms about how it was organized late when other countries have concluded theirs to allow their winners train ahead. But guess, our winners were not just preparing for MBGN, they were preparing ahead too. (thanks to the judges too!).

21 year old Nyekachi Douglas who was the MBGN 2019 showed us the stuff she is made of when she was winning all the competitions in Miss World back to back. The  competitions includes: Top Ten in Head to Head Challenge, Top Ten in Beauty with Purpose, Miss World Sports Competition (second place), Miss World Talent  finalist, Miss World Top Model. She was the Top 5 in Miss World and later emerged Miss World Africa 2019. For the first time in so many years, Nigeria was on track again in the global stage.

She broke the internet with how she screamed and reacted when Miss Jamaica was announced Miss World 2019. She was almost the Agbani Darego of our time, fun fact is that she is from River State just like Agbani.. (We need more of Rivers babes LOL!).

25 year old Olutosin Araromi was the 1st runner up in MBGN 2019. Prior to that, she was a beauty pageant veteran and once Miss Nigeria USA 2015. This lady is a definition of 'strong' as she lost her mum to a car accident whilst gearing for MBGN, Yet, she emerged the 1st runner up in MBGN.
She represented Nigeria at the Miss Universe 2019 held at Tyler Perry's Studio.

Tosin finished in the top 20 of the 68th edition of the international beauty pageant (a big win for Nigeria, after so many years). She broke the internet when she was seen cheering the new Miss Universe who emerged from South Africa.

These ladies made us proud not just with their beauty, but their charisma, intellect and humanitarian services.

If COVID-19 can allow us, we hope to see more of Nyekachis and Tosins in subsequent times.

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