He Crossed His Limits!!

There was an uproar on social media with a video circulating round showing a Man that didn't take It easy with a guy friend that hugged his wife with no limits.

Now, it was said to be a case of old friends (former classmates)meeting each other again after many years.

The friendly guy in a bid to greet the lady and show gesture, hugged her closely and placed hands on where his hand shouldn't be.

The awkward moment was when he stopped to greet the lady's husband when she introduced him, he still went ahed to give a second friendly hug LOL! Probably haven't felt the lady very well after many years.

The husband felt insulted, dragged him and landed him on a couch and this how a small fight wanted to start.

Video below, do you think its nothing? Or the friendly friend overstepped his boundary? As for us here, C'mon what happend to angle 180degrees hug rather than 360degree hug!! 

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