A Sweet Harmful Fun!

The popularity of Shisha is fast growing. This can/may be due to the many features it possesses considered 'cool' - the 'sweetened' tobacco, how it is smoked through water pipes (cool ya?).

It seems less harmful since the throat seem not to be affected by the smoke since the tobacco is burned on charcoal and filtered through a water pipe (though the water does not filter out the cancer causing chemical!), what is taken in is just maybe a flavoured water vapour since it comes with variety of fruity attractive smell that attracts and seems harmless.

Fact Check...... WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!! 

Dear Favies, smoking shisha however is even more harmful and risky than smoking regular cigarettes huh!. A shisha smoker can infact inhale as much smoke equal to that from 100 and MORE CIGARETTES!! (pretty much scary!).

This is to say that the shisha smoker is actually absorbing higher levels of dangerous chemicals than a regular cigarette smoker that decided to go to the smoking proper instead of the flavoured smoking. The smoke in itself is highly concentrated and is combined with the fumes and toxins emanating from the coals and the fuels used for lighting the pipe.

This is equally dangerous to the unsuspecting people around the scene, we all know the deal with 'second-hand smoke".

In all this, what more can we say? this sweet scented smoke can actually do one more harm than good! Please be Safe!!

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  1. Very interesting read! I thought it was a form of canabis! 🙄


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